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Deeside lies to the east of the main Cairngorm mountains and within their rain shadow, making it one of the driest places in the highlands of Scotland. The weather is more continental than maritime, and when Atlantic fronts bring rain across the western seaboard it can often be warm and sunny here. Its position also brings extremes in weather, with Braemar recording both the highest and lowest temperatures in Scotland. Conditions vary considerably in different years and throughout the seasons so beware, while Deeside may be drier than the west, you can expect downpours, snow or fine sunny weather at almost any time of year!

Sometimes sees a long period of warm, settled weather, when the valleys heat up but the snow on the high tops has yet to melt.

Nights are still cold, though daytime temperatures can reach 20oc.

July and August can be wet or dry depending upon the year. Rain isn't all bad news though - the clouds swirling around the mountains give Deeside a very dramatic feel.

Both nights and days are mild, with average temperatures ranging from 15-25oc.

Often sees a return to more settled weather, with the last of the year's sun catching the golden colours of the changing birch trees.

Temperatures vary and it is not uncommon to see the first snows on the hills in September.

More changeable, with anything from clear, crisp days to wet winter gales and snow storms. Rainfall is heaviest during the winter months.

Expect snowfall any time between October and April. Generally the area holds snow longer than anywhere else in Scotland, with some sheltered gullies and high plateau holding snow well into the summer.

The average daytime temperature in the glens is around 5oc, though it is not uncommon for it to drop as low as -10oc for days at a time between December and February.

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