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A Floral Time and a Place

One of the reasons that flowers and professional floral arrangements remain such a popular gift choice between friends, family and lovers is that flowers have the power to conjure a range of connotations, messages, memories and sentiments.

Throughout the history of literature flowers of varying types have been vital symbols, reaching as far back as the second book known to western civilisation, The Odyssey, where the flower is, in places, a poisonous tool and, in others, a sign of hope. Several of Shakespeare's famous lines use the beauty or the symbolism of flowers and, of course, the Romantics and their love of nature breathed new life into the symbols within flowers and their potential for revealing both emotion and enlightenment.

For many years, flowers were quite rigid in their semiotics. Certain breeds and certain colours, throughout the Victorian era, were indicative of a particular social function or occasion, and may deliver a complete message without the need of an accompanying letter or card.

The gift of flowers has long been associated with romance, and their efficacy and endurance in this function does not seem to be much tarnished by age nor cliché. The traditional gift of roses as a symbol of love may be a little on the predictable side, but few of us have become immune to its well-worn charms.

Furthermore, flowers have the power to take us back to our childhood, our wedding days, and a whole host of other happy memories. Anyone with a rural upbringing will have a mental catalogue of the flowers that figured in their daily lives, from their mother's favourites to the tiny species at the bottom of the garden to the scattered wild flowers filling fields surrounding their communities.

If a particular occasion is approaching and you are searching for a way to show your affection for a loved one, be it a member of your family, your better half or a close friend, and why not choose to say it with flowers? Wherever you are in the world, online services such as Interflora are sure to oversee the successful delivery of your floral gift. Have a look at their website for a range of bouquets to suit many an occasion, and take the extra time to think about which flowers you give and what message your choice might convey. You may stick to the traditional, or, if you go back many years, you could find a way to re-conjure a little something of a special day or a happy memory from times gone by.



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